The recycling industry has changed significantly in recent years. Waste sorting centres now have increasingly automated and complex processes, a higher capacity and more ambitious cost and productivity objectives.

Waste sorting centre performance has become the key to ensuring the profitability of investments.

quote marks Created with Sketch. quote marks Created with Sketch. Aktid has developed the first management system (MES type) that is specially designed and developed by and for waste sorting centre operators to improve and manage the performance of their facilities.

How it works

ABI gathers data from your equipment and provides you with a real-time, clear view of your production status.

ABI compares and analyses the data in order to:

  • Take preventive action and limit line downtime
  • Optimise the management of your line and make the right decisions.


  • Improves waste sorting centre performance
  • Reduces operating costs  
  • Enhances production quality    
  • Saves time and increases peace of mind

A simple & intuitive interface

Data is presented in a visual and intuitive way on a console or mobile app, providing the operator with an overview of process performance and the status of the machines and alarms. This enables them to target their actions correctly, significantly increasing efficiency and saving time.

The mobile app enables users to:

  • View all the facility’s performance data
  • See alarms prioritised in order of urgency
  • Create fault reviews (following observations of current issues)
  • Identify causes of stoppage and add documents (photos & comments
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