The AKTID team is excited to welcome 6 beehives and their 90,000 worker bees!

Protecting bees and other pollinators has become a key part of preserving local biodiversity. Bees, which are the top pollinators, are central to our ecosystem and play a vital role in the food chain. We wanted to move beyond our commitment to the circular economy, which is our business, to do even more for the environment. We are lucky enough to have a large property surrounded by green spaces, trees and flowers. The perfect home for our new guests! At AKTID we also love good food, so if protecting biodiversity means eating honey, we’re all for it.

That’s why we welcomed 6 beehives and their 90,000 worker bees to our site today. Our bravest and/or most curious team members were able to watch the beehiving and learn about apiculture and bees.

This initiative isn’t just educational: it is first and foremost a great way for us to make our own small contribution to protecting biodiversity.