That section enables you to know what is currently implemented on our website about personal data. You can use it to configure permissions that you give us regarding your personal information and its use.

In compliance with the Digital and privacy law and the GDPR, you are entitled to get access to the information we have collected about you. Additionally, you can modify, limit or stop processing your personal data. You can withdraw your permission at anytime and demand the transfer of your personal data. For that, you can send an email to You also have the right to make a claim to a control autority.

Data Protection Officer

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Cookies and tracker management

What is a cookie?

Here, the term cookie has to be fully taken into consideration. It gathers all the trackers available on your computer (according to your choices) during the visit of a website. It collects information about your browser in order to offer services designed for your terminal (computer, mobile phone, pad). Cookies are managed by your browser and only the emitter of a cookie can read it and change the information.

Name Description Duration
Nom du cookieperms-rgpd Description et fonction Durée de conservation RequiredRequired
Nom du cookie_Icl_current_language Description et fonction

That cookie enables us to get the language that your browser uses. It gives us the possibility to show the website directly in your language. We use two langages on our website (French and English).

Durée de conservation24 hours Required Required
Name Description
Nom du traceurGoogle Analytics Description et fonction

Audience analyse service for websites and mobile apps. Its use enables us to improve the website structure and to locate potential problems. We don’t use any rules to determine how long we keep that information.

That service is developed in the United States, so out of the European Union. In that way, there is a transfer of data. We have checked their commitment to respect the GDPR’s criteria.