Turnkey solutions

AKTID designs and implements custom-built turnkey mixed-waste processing and waste management solutions based on equipment and operating systems that offer operators high technical quality and outstanding performance.

With over two decades of experience in creating complex industrial solutions, AKTID has a unique level of expertise.
Its teams support customers throughout their projects, from defining the specifications to achieving their performance targets, whether they are working on a new site or a renovation.

With a corporate culture focused on honouring its commitments, innovation, and a tireless quest to optimize financial performance, AKTID has become a leader on its constantly expanding market.


As a full-line supplier, AKTID has spent the past two decades creating an international network of loyal partner manufacturers which share its values: designing and building high-quality, robust, high-performance equipment. Its R&D team also designs certain types of equipment like ballistic separators, cardboard separators, rotary sorting tables, and multisort® sorting belts, which have a direct impact on process productivity and sustainability.


The Aktid ballistic separators

In response to the increasing mechanization and automation of sorting lines, AKTID developed a line of ballistic separators years ago.

Ballistic separators, which represent the core process for new generation waste sorting units, are used to separate mixed waste into 3 or 4 categories which respond differently to motion based on their physical properties.

AKTID’s ballistic separators offer excellent separation thanks to their large screening surface, the amplitude of the motion applied to the materials thanks to robust shafts, and the adjustable design of their screens.





Screen-action vibratory conveyors for heavy waste

ACTION EQUIPMENT, an American manufacturer which has produced vibratory equipment for over four decades, has been AKTID’s exclusive partner on the European market for many years.

Its TAPER-SLOT® screen-action vibratory conveyor offers outstanding durability and efficiency.
AKTID incorporates it into all of its sorting installations for heavy or complex waste, including industrial waste, bulky waste, flammable waste, construction waste, wood, tires, metals, etc.

Its patented screen design and unrivalled vibratory amplitude mean it can be installed on a slight incline.
This significantly increases the time material spends in the machine, optimizes separation efficiency, and very significantly reduces catching and jamming.





Flip flow screens for fine and wet materials

ACTION EQUIPMENT, an American manufacturer which has produced vibratory equipment for over four decades, has been AKTID’s exclusive partner on the European market for many years.

Its single- or double- layer VIBRA-SNAP® screen is mainly used to separate complex, heterogeneous materials with fine particles (roughly 0.1 to 6 mm) like industrial waste, bulky waste, construction waste, rubble, automotive scrap, compost, wood, RDF, etc.

The quality and flexibility of its patented polyurethane screening mats and the machine’s unique design release the highest kinetic energy on the market, with acceleration topping 50 g.

These screening mats can be used with wet waste while maintaining top separation performance and reducing the risks of packing and residue sticking to a minimum.





Rotary sorting table

The rotary sorting tables, a patented equipment, that AKTID has developed are innovative, designed to be ergonomic, and offer excellent working conditions in a small space.

The flexibility to choose continuous or discontinuous operation is a major benefit. It means that the number of sorters can be adjusted to match incoming production, while guaranteeing optimal ergonomics at each workstation with a very open field of vision.

All models are designed for toughness and feature a thick, highly shock-resistant steel surface.
This is the ideal tool to achieve maximum reclamation of heavy mixed materials like industrial waste, bulky waste or high added-value materials (WEEE,…).





Multisort® sorting belt

The Multisort® sorting belt: a modular ergonomic sorting belt

Aktid has patented a sorting belt that significantly improves working conditions for operators at sorting stations and offers excellent operational flexibility.
With its central sorting lane, each operator can sort a major material (e.g. recoverable plastics sorting in a paper stream)
Thanks to the Multisort® sorting belt, the small collection containers often found in sorting stations are a thing of the past!


lateral chutes and frontal sorting

sorting station with 3 MULTISORT belts

frontal sorting for plastic bottles


AKTID develops its own sorting units management and steering solutions for waste processing.

Its automation engineers and R&D teams spent several years working closely with clients to develop supervision systems
These resources enable a full control of productivity and installation’s efficiency.

Meanwhile, the AKTID teams have developed a dedicated mobile application to ensure real-time monitoring and supervision of equipments and optimal reactivity.

AKTID’s waste processing centre steering solutions are ushering in the world of Industry 4.0…

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AKTID customer service supports its customers from industrial start-up and throughout the life cycle of their installation.
Expert mechanical and automation technicians provide fast on-site and remote preventive and curative maintenance services.

To help plan ahead for maintenance needs, AKTID offers contracts for regular visits and support in predictive spare parts management.

Finally, thanks to its holistic vision of the market and its international network of suppliers, ATKID can offer its customers the latest recycling technologies to upgrade their sites.


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